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E-fuels, HVO and other sustainable fuels will not only be an essential part of climate-friendly mobility in the future but also the foundation of our industry. Over the past few years, eFUEL-TODAY has become a crucial source of information on the topic of sustainable fuels and is now active in several languages across Europe. The year 2024 will be of particular importance for climate-friendly fuels: HVO will finally be available at gas stations in Germany, and on an international level, the European elections will take place. This is where eFUEL-TODAY will focus its communication efforts and continue to provide valuable work.

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    This is what eFUEL-TODAY is committed to in the future!

    For sustainable fuels to become widely available at gas stations, all of Europe must work together. E-fuels and other renewable fuels are not just a national phenomenon; they have made it to the top of the political agenda across Europe. Addressing this communicatively and providing essential educational work in the EU member states will be a key focus of eFUEL-TODAY’s future efforts.

    The landscape of sustainable fuels is becoming increasingly diverse. In addition to the “old familiar” fuels like hydrogen and biofuels, HVO and e-fuels are gaining more public attention. To help drivers stay informed and ensure these innovations make it to consumers’ tanks, education is necessary. Providing reliable information is crucial so that new products at gas stations are accepted and to avoid the confusion that occurred with the introduction of E10. For this reason, eFUEL-TODAY will also be expanding its focus to include other sustainable fuels in the future.

    Why 2024 Will Be the Most Important Year for Sustainable Fuels Yet!

    At the EU level, the European elections will take place in 2024! This means that the national policies of individual member states will be crucial in determining the composition of the EU Parliament. When it comes to e-fuels, it is evident that the knowledge levels among the various EU member states vary significantly. Therefore, 2024 presents a great opportunity to politically support e-fuels and other sustainable fuels through targeted efforts in the individual EU countries.

    We have been talking about this for many years, and in 2024 it will finally happen: HVO will become widely available at gas stations across Germany. For the first time, consumers will have the active choice to opt for a novel and renewable fuel. To ensure that drivers confidently choose this option, education is necessary. Important questions regarding compatibility with their own vehicles or the sustainability of the fuel need to be addressed. eFUEL-TODAY has made it its mission to actively support and accompany the market launch of HVO in Germany.

    E-Fuels? Yes, please! Sticking for climate protection!

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