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Experts agree that, alongside electricity and hydrogen, e-fuels are indispensable for a sustainable energy supply around the world. For example, numerous international experts recently got together at the eKKon conference in Vienna to discuss exactly this topic. The various solutions for climate-neutral mobility were discussed. Mobility experts, CEOs and climate experts were among the guests here in order to be able to make an important contribution to the international discourse.

Different solutions are needed for climate-neutral mobility

The keynote of the conference already shows that there can be no one-off solution for everything in order to meet the challenges of the future. According to the well-known expert for sustainable mobility Josef Rademacher, there must be an energy and climate strategy that is compatible with prosperity and offers a wide range of solutions.
Martin Cames, climate expert at the Berlin Öko-Institut, sees it the same way. He also emphasizes the use of e-fuels in aviation and shipping. Here, e-kerosene is already seen as a fuel by almost all stakeholders, but a different approach is conceivable in seafaring. In his opinion, e-fuels are an integral part of climate-neutral mobility, but politics must allow open technology unity and provide clear technology specifications in order to arrive at the best possible solution. In addition, eFuels must be subsidized from the start so that substitution can pick up speed, according to Cames.

Achieve climate-neutral mobility through e-fuels in existing fleets

The climate-neutral synthetic fuels are indispensable for the global fleet of 1.3 billion vehicles with combustion engines. Rademacher assumes that the combustion engine fleet in Africa will grow significantly, but is also focusing on trucks or shipping and air traffic.
“I am pleased that we have succeeded in winning over the pioneer of climate-neutral mobility, Prof. Franz Josef Radermacher, to open the first major Vienna eFuel Congress. also dr Cames sees eFuels as part of the solution.” Stephan Schwarzer, organizer of the conference and managing director of eFuel Alliance Austria.
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