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In Corpus Christi, Texas, Infinium has achieved a significant milestone: the commissioning of one of the world’s first commercial E-Fuels facilities named “Project Pathfinder”. This facility is notable for its seamless integration with existing infrastructure in the heavy transport and chemical processing sectors.

The production at the facility is based on a proprietary process that combines CO₂ with green hydrogen, which is derived from renewable energies. The result is clean fuels such as E-SAF, E-Diesel, and E-Naphtha, which cause no new emissions during their production. Their sustainability and traceability are confirmed by the ISCC PLUS certification.

Infinium relies on advanced technologies, including electrolyzers, a modern laboratory, and well-thought-out logistics and supply structures. The facility is controlled and operated by Infinium from Sacramento, California, and maintained by the company.

The CEO of Infinium, Robert Schützle, highlights the company’s role as a pioneer and regulatory authority in the E-Fuels production process. The company plans to further expand its E-Fuels production through continuous scaling and has already several projects under development in the USA, the European Union, Japan, and Australia.

Infinium’s initiative marks a turning point in the use of renewable energies and contributes to decarbonization. With advanced technologies, the company sets new standards in the production of environmentally friendly fuels.

Source / Image: © Infinium

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