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E-fuels need your vote!

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It only works with e-fuels!

E-fuels are liquid fuels produced synthetically on the basis of hydrogen and carbon dioxide. They are made using electric energy from renewable sources. The carbon dioxide can either be taken directly from the air or from biogenic waste as well as industrial plants. While using an e-fuel in an internal combustion engine no additional carbon dioxide is emitted. The emissions add up to the exact same amount of carbon dioxide that has been chemically bound in the production process of the e-fuel before. That’s why e-fuels are climate neutral.
The coalition agreement between germanys ruling political parties consider e-fuels as an option. However this implies only the use in the aviation and shipping industry – not the automotive.

We demand:

  • Immediate measures to reduce carbon dioxide of the transport sector through the permission of fossil free fuels for all vehicles
  • Diversifying the energy supply by supporting the production and the import of e-fuels from other countries
  • Equalizing all drive types regarding the credit as climate neutral

Advantages of e-fuels

#1 Diversification of the energy supply and security of supply

Even with ambitious plans to expand renewable energy there won’t be enough green electricity in Germany. We will keep to be dependent on energy imports. Other regions of the earth are blessed with more than enough sun and wind. This is where we have to import the green energy from. That way Germany and the EU can put their energy supply on a broader stand in order to reduce the dependency from single larger suppliers.

#2 The land use doesn’t matter

The production plants of e-fuels can be built where too strong winds or strong sunlight prevent other possibilities of use.

#3 Energy partnerships

Partnerships with other emerging countries are able to establish industries in these foreign countries.

#4 Defossilize mobility through blending

The mobility sector is missing the targets in carbon dioxide reduction since years. By blending fossil free e-fuels into the conventional fuel as of today a lot of emissions could be saved.

#5 Flexibility in use: one fits all

Fossil free e-fuels can be used in all existing cars and trucks. The fuels are DIN-standardized and they are ready for an immediate use. Compared to conventional fuel they even habe a higher energy density causing a longer range.

#6 Existing infrastructure and distribution system

The gas stations can still be used and the distribution of e-fuels can use the same channels just like conventional fuel.

#7 Existing fleet and new cars

Any car or truck with an internal combustion engine is able to run on e-fuels. Only by using this new generation of fuels the conventional internal combustion engine becomes a climate neutral drive type.

#8 Advanced engine technology

With the current generation of highly developed engine systems the already achieved innovations can not just be used longer but a lot of jobs in the automotive industry can be saved as well.

#9 Technical advantages: higher energy density, easy to transport

With e-fuels you can store renewable energy, sun and wind in your tank. The transport is extremely easy: in the already existing tanks and tank trucks. Plus: in an e-fuel more energy can be stored than in a battery.

#10 Acceptance of the energy transition

In order to produce a sufficient amount of green hydrogen in Germany 8% of the national area would be needed [1]. Until now the 2-% target is not widely accepted by the people since Germany is a closer bedded than most other countries where wind and solar energy is present. Due to that you wouldn’t harm nobody.

[1] PNE H2-Forum 2022:

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