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In an interview with Karl Dums, Head of Sustainability at Porsche, he discusses the company’s perspective on sustainability and the role Porsche aims to play in a sustainable future.

Sustainability as an integral part of  its corporate strategy

Porsche sees sustainability as an integral part of its corporate strategy and aims to achieve a climate-neutral balance by 2030. The company relies on a combination of efficiency improvements, the use of renewable energy, and the compensation of unavoidable emissions. An important factor in achieving these goals is the electrification of Porsche’s product portfolio. This not only aims to reduce CO2 emissions, but also to develop new technologies and create sustainable jobs.

Dums emphasizes that sustainability includes not only environmental but also social and economic aspects. Therefore, Porsche is also committed to improving working conditions and employee safety as well as making the value chain sustainable. Another issue that concerns Porsche is the future of mobility. Dums stresses that it is important not only to focus on electric mobility, but also to explore other alternative propulsion systems such as hydrogen or synthetic fuels. In addition, it is necessary to expand the infrastructure for alternative propulsion systems and reduce charging times.

When asked about Porsche’s role in a sustainable future, Dums emphasizes that as a technology leader, the company can play an important role by developing new technologies and concepts and implementing them in practice. Porsche not only wants to make its own processes more sustainable, but also contribute to making the entire automotive industry more sustainable.

In conclusion, Dums emphasizes that sustainability requires a long-term perspective and that Porsche is committed to this challenge. The company sees sustainability not as an obstacle, but as an opportunity for innovation and progress.

Overall, the interview shows that Porsche is aware of its responsibility for sustainability and is actively working to fulfill that responsibility. This is not only about reducing CO2 emissions, but a holistic approach to sustainability that includes environmental, social, and economic aspects. Porsche aims to contribute as a technology leader to making the entire automotive industry more sustainable, with an emphasis on electrification of the product portfolio, exploration of alternative propulsion systems, and improvement of working conditions and the value chain.

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Image Source: © Porsche Newsroom

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