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Ernest Knoors, a former Formula 1 engineer, has expressed his support for V10 engines using E-Fuels. In an interview, he stated that if given the opportunity to reshape motorsport, he would opt for this combination.

The engineer emphasized that E-Fuels represent a sustainable alternative to conventional fuel. Their use could significantly reduce CO2 emissions, which is crucial for environmental conservation. Additionally, E-Fuels are compatible with existing combustion engines, making their implementation in Formula 1 more feasible.

Ernest Knoors, Formula 1 engineer at BMW (Image: © BMW)

The decision to choose V10 engines was justified by the unique sound and high performance they offer. The engineer stressed that the engine’s sound is an essential aspect of motorsport appreciated by fans. Furthermore, V10 engines would provide an exhilarating driving experience due to their immense power.

The engineer acknowledged that introducing V10 engines with E-Fuels would pose challenges. Suitable technologies would need to be developed to optimize the efficiency and performance of the engines. Additionally, the costs associated with manufacturing and operating the engines would need to be considered.

Nevertheless, he firmly believed that this combination could have a positive impact on motorsport. Striking the right balance between performance and sustainability was crucial, and V10 engines with E-Fuels could provide that balance, steering the sport towards a more environmentally friendly direction without compromising excitement and driving pleasure.

The former engineer concluded the interview with the hope that decision-makers in motorsport would seriously consider the possibilities of E-Fuels. He urged the industry to direct its research and development towards this direction to ensure a sustainable future for racing.

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