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German company Ineratec has signed a cooperation agreement with Zenith Energy to develop a commercial Power-to-Liquid (PTL) plant in the Port of Amsterdam. The plant aims to convert renewable electricity into liquid fuels, making a significant contribution to decarbonizing the transportation sector.

The partnership between Ineratec and Zenith Energy aims to deploy the technology for large-scale conversion of electricity into liquid fuels. The planned PTL plant in Amsterdam is expected to have a production capacity of 35.000 tons of sustainable aviation fuel per year. This fuel can be used in both air and road transportation, contributing to the reduction of CO2 emissions.

The core of the plant is Ineratec’s modular Fischer-Tropsch synthesis, which enables the production of synthetic fuels from hydrogen and CO2. Fischer-Tropsch technology has been known for decades and has been successfully used to convert coal or natural gas into liquid fuels. Ineratec has further developed this technology to utilize renewable hydrogen and CO2 from the air or industrial processes.

The modular design of the plant allows for flexible scalability and efficient operation. The modules are delivered in containers and easily interconnected on-site. This enables the plant to be adapted to different locations and operated even in limited space.

The choice of the Port of Amsterdam as the location for the PTL plant is due to its favorable geographical position and existing infrastructure. The port provides access to renewable electricity from offshore wind farms and has sufficient storage and logistics facilities for the production and transportation of liquid fuels.

The collaboration between Ineratec and Zenith Energy is a significant step towards decarbonizing the transportation sector. By converting renewable electricity into sustainable aviation fuel, the PTL plant can make a substantial contribution to reducing CO2 emissions and pave the way for climate-friendly mobility.

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