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The FDP calls on Germany to take a pioneering role in the use of E-fuels as an alternative source of energy. In an article on their website, the party emphasizes the need to invest in the research and production of synthetic fuels that can be derived from renewable energy sources such as solar, wind, and hydrogen (power).

E-fuels have the potential to replace fossil fuels and make a significant contribution to climate protection. The FDP sees this as an opportunity to reduce CO2 emissions in the transport sector and achieve the climate goals of the federal government.

According to the party, the federal government must create the necessary framework to promote the production of E-fuels. This includes creating incentives for companies to invest in the research and development of E-fuels. Additionally, the government should ensure that the raw materials required for the production of E-fuels come from renewable sources.

The FDP emphasizes that Germany has the opportunity to take a leadership role in the development of E-fuels due to its technology and engineering expertise, as well as its high level of innovation. Through the use of E-fuels, Germany can not only reduce its CO2 emissions but also increase its independence from fossil fuels.

Therefore, the party calls for consistent and targeted support of E-fuels to lead Germany towards a sustainable and environmentally friendly energy path.

Image: © Basti Wöhl/BMDV

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